Thursday, October 26, 2006

Analogies 51 - 55


(A). advertise:sell
(B). fumigate:kill
(C). filter:purify
(D). illuminate:see
(E). ignite:burn


(A). breach:fortification
(B). fumble:location
(C). gaffe:decorum
(D). exaggeration:statement
(E). default:loan


(A). blame:censure
(B). control:contain
(C). persuade:convince
(D). thwart:confront
(E). inconvenience:effect


(A). bust:statue

(B). pastiche:painting
(C). narrative:novel
(D). hieroglyphic:papyrus
(E). musket:firearm


(A). conspicuous:attention
(B). nebulous:validation
(C). congruous:appropriation
(D). maudlin:passion
(E). tangible:substance

Answers --

51). Best ans is D -- X enables to Y

The catch is, ENFRANCHISE enables to VOTE but one may choose not to vote. ILLUMINATE means brighten with light which in turn enables us to SEE, but one may choose not to see.
IGNITE - catch fire, or set on fire; provoke or stir up...or IGNITE means already BURNT
Both enfranchise and illuminate are +ve words whereas ignite is a -ve can be ruled out...

52). Best ans C -- X leads to negative Y
Gaffe - an embarrassing blunder.
Decorum - polite and socially acceptable behaviour.

53). Best ans is A -- Y is a greater/harsher degree of X or to Y is to X severely.
Reprimand - a formal expression of disapproval.
Reprove - reprimand; tell off.
Censure - strong disapproval or criticism.
Blame - criticism for doing something badly or wrongly.

54). Best ans is E -- X is an old fashioned Y or X is an old type of Y.

55). Best ans is A -- X calls for Y in others