Sunday, March 01, 2009

March - High frequency words

1. Plethora - A superabundance; an excess; excess of blood in the circulatory system or in one organ or area; condition of going or being beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate
Brevity - The quality or state of being brief in duration; shortness, briefness; concise expression; terseness
Ineluctable - Not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable; certain; impossible to avoid or evade
Diatribe - A long, violent, or blustering speech, usually of censure or denunciation; harangue, criticism; bitter or angry attack in speech or writing
5. Discordant - Not being in accord; conflicting; disagreeable in sound; harsh or dissonant; not in harmony; conflicting; made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency
Pernicious - Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly; causing great harm; destructive; evil; wicked; bad, hurtful; harmful; having the capability or effect of damaging irreparably; injurious
Exonerate - To free from blame; free from a responsibility, obligation, or task; excuse, clear of responsibility or blame
Oblivious - Lacking all memory; forgetful; lacking conscious awareness; unmindful; unable to remember; unaware, ignorant
Fatuous - The quality or condition of being stupid; stupid act, remark, or idea; foolishness; lack of intelligence; a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience; a stupid mistake
10. Candid - Free from prejudice; impartial; characterized by openness and sincerity of expression; unreservedly straightforward; unposed informal photograph; not posed or rehearsed; manifesting honesty and directness, especially in speech; honest
11. Gully - A deep ditch or channel cut in the earth by running water after a prolonged downpour; to wear a deep ditch or channel in; deep ditch cut by running water
12. Didactic - Intended to teach a moral lesson; inclined to teach or moralize excessively
13. Vapid - Lacking liveliness, animation, or interest; dull; lacking taste, zest, or flavor; flat; uninteresting
14. Skullduggery - Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it; verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way
15. Revel - To take great pleasure or delight; engage in uproarious festivities; make merry; boisterous festivity or celebration; merrymaking; unrestrained merrymaking; be ecstatic with joy
Torpor - A state of mental or physical inactivity or insensibility; apathy; dormant, inactive state of a hibernating or estivating animal; deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity; lethargy; dullness
Occluded - To cause to become closed; obstruct; prevent the passage of; absorb or adsorb and retain; force (air) upward from the earth's surface, as when a cold front overtakes and undercuts a warm front; bring together (the upper and lower teeth) in proper alignment for chewing; close so that the cusps fit together; block, prevent
18. Cession - A ceding or surrendering, as of territory to another country by treaty; something, such as territory, that is ceded; surrender of possessions or rights to others
Contrite - Feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses, feeling regret for a fault or offence
Obscured - Lying beyond what is obvious or avowed; cloudy, shadowy; not easily understood; unclear; out-of-the-way, little-known; conceal, hide; hard to see or understand
21. Congeal - To solidify by or as if by freezing; coagulate; jell; cause to solidify or coagulate or to undergo a process likened to solidification or coagulation
22. Rant - To speak or write in an angry or violent manner; rave; utter or express with violence or extravagance; speak in a loud, pompous, or prolonged manner; pretentious, pompous speech or writing; yelling, raving; speech or piece of writing that incites anger or violence
23. Saboteur - Someone who commits sabotage or deliberately causes wrecks; a member of a clandestine subversive organization who tries to help a potential invader
24. Inveterate - Firmly and long established; deep-rooted; persisting in an ingrained habit; habitual; long-standing, established; confirmed and chronic; long-established and difficult to cure; habitual
25. Pore - To read or study carefully and attentively; gaze intently; stare; meditate deeply; ponder; minute opening in tissue, as in the skin of an animal, serving as an outlet for perspiration, or in a plant leaf or stem, serving as a means of absorption and transpiration; space in rock, soil, or unconsolidated sediment that is not occupied by mineral matter and that allows the passage or absorption of fluids; tiny opening in the outer surface of a plant or animal through which sweat, air, or water may pass

26. Playwright - One who writes plays; a dramatist; person who creates scripts for live performances
27. Squall - To scream or cry loudly and harshly; brief sudden violent windstorm, often accompanied by rain or snow; short, violent storm
28. Impeachable - Capable of being impeached
Resilience - The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy; property of a material that enables it to resume its original shape or position after being bent, stretched, or compressed; elasticity; flexibility; strength of character
Garbled - To mix up or distort to such an extent as to make misleading or incomprehensible; to scramble (a signal or message), as by erroneous encoding or faulty transmission; to sort out; cull; mix up, misrepresent; make false by mutilation or addition
31. Smirk - To smile in an affected, often offensively self-satisfied manner; affected, often offensively self-satisfied smile; smile in an affected, knowing way; smile expressing smugness or scorn instead of pleasure; smile affectedly or derisively

32. Refractory - Obstinately resistant to authority or control; difficult to melt or work; resistant to heat; resistant to treatment; material that has a high melting point; obstinate; resisting control or authority.; capable of enduring high temperatures
33. Natty - Neat, trim, and smart; dapper; stylish; marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners; marked by smartness in dress and manners
34. Artlessness - The quality of being artless, or void of art or guile; simplicity; sincerity
35. Ingratiate - To bring (oneself, for example) into the favor or good graces of another, especially by deliberate effort; get on the good side of someone; win confidence or good graces for oneself; gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts
36. Win-over - Make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something; persuade, gain one's support

37. Pattern - A plan or model used as a guide for making things; the arrangement of parts or things; arrangement, order; design, motif; copy, imitate; systematic arrangement and design
38. Random - Having no clear plan; having an equal chance of occurring; haphazard, chance; having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure
39. Grueling - Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion; difficult, taxing
40. Satiate - To satisfy to the full or to excess; stuff, satisfy
41. Mishap - Bad luck; an unfortunate accident; unexpected and usually undesirable event; an instance of misfortune; unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate
42. Stricture - A restraint, limit, or restriction; adverse remark or criticism; censure; abnormal narrowing of a duct or passage; adverse criticism
43. Cameo - To make into or like a gem or shell carved in relief; to portray in sharp, delicate relief, as in a literary composition
Imprudent - Unwise or indiscreet; not prudent; without much thought; foolish; not careful; rash or heedless
45. Ascetic - A person who renounces material comforts and leads a life of austere self-discipline, especially as an act of religious devotion; austere; abstainer; practicing abstinence and devotion; usually a spiritual practice

46. Drench - To get something totally wet; wet thoroughly; provide with something in great abundance; surfeit; large dose of liquid medicine, especially one administered to an animal by pouring down the throat
47. Persnickety - Overparticular about trivial details; fastidious; snobbish; pretentious; fussy, particular; used colloquially of one who is overly conceited or arrogant; characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details
48. Schism - A separation or division into factions; disunion; discord; state of disagreement and disharmony; condition of being divided, as in opinion; interruption in friendly relations
49. Roil - To make (a liquid) muddy or cloudy by stirring up sediment; displease or disturb; vex; be in a state of turbulence or agitation; make turbid by stirring up the sediments of
50. Quisling - A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country; someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force
Morbid - Of, relating to, or caused by disease; pathological or diseased; psychologically unhealthy or unwholesome; characterized by preoccupation with unwholesome thoughts or feelings; gruesome; grisly; gloomy, nasty, sickly; diseased
52. Hale -
Sound; entire; healthy; robust; not impaired; welfare; pull; to drag; to haul; draw slowly or heavily; to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectualmeans; exhibiting or restored to vigorous good health
53. Stoical - Indifference to pleasure or pain; impassiveness
Gregarious - Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable; polite, easygoing, and friendly
Crutch - A means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure; a support used under the arm by an injured person to help in walking; a staff or support used by the physically injured or disabled as an aid in walking, usually designed to fit under the armpit and often used in pairs
Priggish - Marked by excessive concern for propriety and good form; exaggeratedly proper; conceited; pragmatical
57. Labyrinthine - Difficult to understand because of intricacy; of, relating to, resembling, or constituting a labyrinth; complicated
Intrigue - A secret or underhand scheme; a plot; arouse curiosity
Inexplicable - Difficult or impossible to explain or account for; beyond comprehension, explanation; which cannot be explained or understood
Pliant - Capable of being influenced or formed; able to adjust readily to different conditions; capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking; capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out
61. Commotion - A condition of turbulent motion; clamor, uproar; noisy confusion; disorder
Parsimonious - Excessively sparing or frugal; penny-pinching; too economical; stingy
63. Hidebound - Stubbornly prejudiced, narrow-minded, or inflexible; having abnormally dry, stiff skin that adheres closely to the underlying flesh; not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others
64. Articulate - To speak clearly and distinctly; say clearly, coherently; connect; form a joint; be jointed; characterized by the use of clear, expressive language
65. Chatter - To make quick noises that sound like speech or to talk foolishly without stopping; speak fast and non-stop; talk rapidly, incessantly, and on trivial subjects; jabber

66. Flit - A sudden quick movement; (British) a secret move (to avoid paying debts); move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart; move quickly, lightly, and irregularly like a bird in flight
67. Emancipate - The state of not being in confinement or servitude; action or process of setting free, especially from legal, social, or political restrictions; action or process of delivering from slavery
68. Hardy - Being in robust and sturdy good health; courageous; intrepid; brazenly daring; audacious; capable of surviving unfavorable conditions, such as cold weather or lack of moisture; strong, tough
Obscure - To make dim or indistinct; cut off from sight: block; deficient in brightness; far from centers of human population; liable to more than one interpretation; not known or not widely known by name; of undistinguished or humble station or reputation
70. Gainsay - To declare false; deny; to oppose, especially by contradiction; refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of
71. Adhere - To stick fast by or as if by suction or glue; remain devoted to or be in support of something; carry out a plan, scheme, or operation without deviation; conform or follow exactly; stick or stay attached

72. Adjudicator - A person who studies and settles conflicts and disputes
73. Sanctum - A sacred or holy place; private place where one is free from intrusion
74. Hoary - Gray or white with or as if with age; covered with grayish hair or pubescence; old as to inspire veneration; ancient; elderly; trite
Referee - One to whom something is referred, especially for settlement, decision, or an opinion as to the thing's quality
76. Halfhearted - Exhibiting or feeling little interest, enthusiasm, or heart; uninspired
77. Yoke - A frame that fits around the neck of a pair of oxen; being under the control of others as in slavery; bond together; join; two items of the same kind together; state of subjugation to an owner or master; bring or come together into a united whole; bar used with a double harness to connect the collar of each horse to the pole of a wagon or coach; crossbar on a ship's rudder to which the steering cables are connected; clamp or vise that holds a machine part in place or controls its movement or that holds two such parts together; piece of a garment that is closely fitted, either around the neck and shoulders or at the hips, and from which an unfitted or gathered part of the garment is hung; series of two or more magnetic recording heads fastened securely together for playing or recording on more than one track simultaneously
78. Dissolvable - Capable of being dissolved, or separated into component parts; capable of being liquefied; soluble
79. Harebrained - Foolish; flighty; stupid, unthinking; senseless as to be laughable; very foolish
80. Quell - To put down forcibly; suppress; pacify; quiet; bring to an end forcibly as if by imposing a heavy weight: choke off; alleviate, calm; defeat, suppress
81. Ballad - A song/ poem that tells a story; narrative poem, often of folk origin and intended to be sung, consisting of simple stanzas and usually having a refrain

82. Shirk - To avoid or neglect (a duty or responsibility); avoid, get out of responsibility
83. Supercilious - Overly convinced of one's own superiority and importance; arrogant, stuck-up
Gratuitous - Costing nothing; not required, necessary, or warranted by the circumstances of the case; not necessary; free
Hankering - Strong desire
Indolent - Disinclined to exert oneself; habitually lazy; causing little or no pain; slow to heal, grow, or develop; inactive
Ponderous - Having great weight; unwieldy from weight or bulk; lacking grace or fluency; labored and dull; dreary, tedious; heavy, cumbersome
88. Patulousness - Spread widely apart; open; distended; spreading or expanded

89. Stoic - Indifference to pleasure or pain; impassiveness; someone who is seemingly indifferent to emotions; seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive
Endeavor - To try hard; attempt to achieve something; work with a set or specified goal or purpose; conscientious or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt; enterprise
Lag - To fail to keep up a pace; straggle; cause to hang back or fall behind; condition of slowness or retardation; interval between events or phenomena considered together; strip, as of wood, that forms a part of the covering for a cylindrical object; barrel stave; to send to prison; to arrest; convict
92. Mosaic - A picture or decorative design made by setting small colored pieces, as of stone or tile, into a surface; viral disease of plants, resulting in light and dark areas in the leaves, which often become shriveled and dwarfed; photosensitive surface, as in the iconoscope of a television camera
93. Fledgling - A young bird that has recently acquired its flight feathers; young or inexperienced person; beginner in activity; any new participant in some activity
94. Trite - Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition; hackneyed; without freshness or appeal because of overuse;silly, commonplace
Sedulous - Persevering and constant in effort or application; assiduous; characterized by steady attention and effort; diligent
Analgesic - A medication that reduces or eliminates pain
97. Mollify - To calm in temper or feeling; soothe; lessen in intensity; temper; reduce the rigidity of; soften; ease the anger or agitation of; ause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate
Squalid - Dirty and wretched, as from poverty or lack of care; morally repulsive; sordid; poor, run-down; dirty from neglect or poverty
99. Excoriate - To tear or wear off the skin of; abrade; censure strongly; denounce; make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction; criticize harshly and devastatingly; criticize very severely
100. Fretwork - Ornamental work consisting of three-dimensional frets; geometric openwork; design of short bars or lines fitted together
101. Proofread - To read (copy or proof) in order to find errors and mark correction; to read copy or proof for purposes of error detection and correction
Obdurate - Stubborn and unfeeling
Patent - A document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention; clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment; unconcealed, conspicuous; easily seen through due to a lack of subtlety; readily seen, perceived, or understood; invent, originate, or be the proprietor of (an idea, for example); grant made by a government that confers on an individual fee-simple title to public lands
Abstruse - Difficult to understand; recondite; difficult to understand
Imperceptible - Impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses; subtle, slight, or gradual as to be barely perceptible; hard to sense; faint
106. Callow - Lacking adult maturity or experience; immature
107. Voracious - Consuming or eager to consume great amounts of food; ravenous; having or marked by an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; greedy; very hungry; eating with greediness or in very large quantities
108. Ostracize - To exclude from a group; to exclude from normal social or professional activities; to force to leave a country or place by official decree; exile, banish; to put into public disfavor
109. Alias - An assumed name; false name; false signal in telecommunication links from beats between signal frequency and sampling frequency

110. Pseudonym - A fictitious name, especially a pen name; false name; name used by a writer or other person in place of the real name
111. Xenophobia - An irrational fear of foreigners or strangers
112. Audacious - Daring ;bold
Perplex - To confuse or trouble with uncertainty or doubt; make confusedly intricate; complicate; make unsure of what to do; fill with doubt; confuse or puzzle; mix up
114. Proximate - Very near or next, as in space, time, or order; about to occur at any moment; approximate
115. Swindle - To cheat or defraud of money or property; obtain by fraudulent means; practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property;
116. Proselytize - To induce someone to convert to one's own religious faith; induce someone to join one's own political party or to espouse one's doctrine; convert (a person) from one belief, doctrine, cause, or faith to another; convert to another faith or religion
117. Shroud -
The cloth used to cover a body that is being buried; cloth used to wrap a body for burial; a winding sheet; something that conceals, protects, or screens; similar supporting line for a smokestack or comparable structure; one of the ropes connecting the harness and canopy of a parachute
118. Taint - To affect with or as if with a disease; contamination, corruption; dirty, contaminate; ruin; touch or affect slightly with something bad; mark of discredit or disgrace
119. Cessation - A bringing or coming to an end; discontinuance of an action or motion
120. Antiquity - Ancient times, especially the times preceding the Middle Ages; distant past; oldness; people, especially the writers and artisans, of ancient times; quality of being old or ancient; considerable age; something, such as an object or a relic, belonging to or dating from ancient times

121. Inept - Unskillful; or not fit or suitable; clumsy, unskilled; incompetent; not suitable; improper
122. Euphonious - Pleasing or agreeable to the ear; resembling or having the effect of music, especially pleasing music; (of speech or dialect) pleasing in sound; not harsh or strident

123. Skeptic - One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions; person who is leery, unbelieving; who habitually or instinctively doubts or questions
124. Havoc - Widespread destruction; devastation; disorder or chaos; chaotic situation; great damage or destruction; rob of goods by force, especially in time of war
Vestige - A visible trace, evidence, or sign of something that once existed but exists or appears no more; a trace of something absent, lost, or vanished; the remnant of a structure that functioned in a previous stage of species or individual development
Paten - A plate or shallow dish, especially an artifact from an ancient civilization; thin disk of or resembling metal
127. Tonic - A medicine that restores or increases vigor; producing or stimulating physical, mental, or emotional vigor; invigorating, refreshing, or restorative agent or influence; first note of a diatonic scale; the keynote; stressed, as a syllable; accented
128. Callous - Emotionally hardened; unfeeling; having calluses; toughened; completely lacking in compassion; cruel, insensitive; without regard for the feelings or sufferings of others
129. Cherish - To treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear; keep fondly in mind; entertain; care about deeply; treat with love and take good care of

130. Gullible - Easily deceived or duped; easily imposed on or tricked; naive, trusting
131. Arabesque - A ballet position in which the dancer bends forward while standing on one straight leg with the arm extended forward and the other arm and leg extended backward; complex, ornate design of intertwined floral, foliate, and geometric figures; ornate, whimsical composition especially for piano; intricate or elaborate pattern or design
132. Saturnine - Having or marked by a tendency to be bitter or sardonic; melancholy or sullen; gloomy; broodingly and sullenly unhappy; having the temperament of one born under the supposed astrological influence of Saturn

133. Sullen - Showing a brooding ill humor or silent resentment; morose or sulky; gloomy or somber in tone, color, or portent; sluggish; slow; brooding, upset; showing a brooding ill humor; darkened by clouds
134. Hedonist - A person devoted to pleasure and luxury
Delinquent - Failing to do what law or duty requires; overdue in payment; person who neglects or fails to do what law or duty requires; criminal; irresponsible, defaulting
136. Machiavellian - Suggestive of or characterized by expediency, deceit, and cunning; belief that a ruler can use any means to stay in power; relating to trickery or dishonesty; of or relating to Machiavellianism
137. Machiavellianism - The political doctrine of Machiavelli: any means (however unscrupulous) can be used by a ruler in order to create and maintain his autocratic government
138. Despondent - Feeling or expressing despondency; dejected; depressed; without or almost without hope
139. Yapping - To bark sharply or shrilly; yelp; talk noisily or stupidly; jabber; stupid, crude, or loud person; informal terms for the mouth; shrill, short cry
140. Qurush - 20 qurush equal 1 riyal in Saudi Arabia; a former coin and fractional monetary unit of several Middle Eastern and North African countries
141. Plaudit - Enthusiastic expression of praise or approval; expression of warm approval; enthusiastic approval; expression of clapping; approval expressed by clapping

142. Malleable - Capable of being shaped or formed, as by hammering or pressure; tractable; able to adjust to changing circumstances; adaptable; pliable; flexible
143. Surrogate - One that takes the place of another; a substitute; person or animal that functions as a substitute for another, as in a social or family role; figure of authority who takes the place of the father or mother in a person's unconscious or emotional life; judge in New York and some other states having jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the settlement of estates

144. Barbiturate - Any of a group of barbituric acid derivatives that act as central nervous system depressants and are used as sedatives or hypnotics; medicines that act on the central nervous system and cause drowsiness and can control seizures
145. Inane - One that lacks sense or substance; stupid