Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Word power -1 -- root : ac, acr, acu

Latin root ac, acr, acu means keen, sharp, unpleasantly bitter

e.g - acrid, acrimony, acuity, acute, acerbic, acumen, acupuncture.

Acrid - having sharp quality in smells and taste; bitter or burning to the senses; bitter in temper or manner

An acrid dispute
Acrid fumes from burning rubber

Acrimony - sharpness of speech or temper; bitterness of manner or words

The dispute was settled without acrimony

Acuity - sharpness of mind, thought, vision or hearing; quick in understanding

The teacher has great mental acuity

Acumen - sharpness of mind; intelligence; ability to take good decisions; shrewdness.

Display great political acumen

Acid - sharp; sour

Vinegar has an acid taste.

Acerbic - sharp and harsh

An acerbic remark

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