Monday, November 10, 2008

Analogies 111 - 115

111). LIEN:CLAIM::

(A) brief:investigation
(B) mortgage:interest
(C) foreclosure:pleading
(D) garnishment:presumption
(E) subpoena:command


(A) harmoniousness:relationships
(B) floridness:embellishments
(C) interrogation:answers
(D) supposition:proposals
(E) condemnation:acts


(A) terrestrial:plains
(B) amphibious:rivers
(C) herbaceous:plants
(D) subterranean:caves
(E) sidereal:stars


(A) snatch:take
(B) beg:invite
(C) convict:accuse
(D) savor:gulp
(E) miss:lose


(A) pedantic:educated
(B) flamboyant:stylish
(C) cautious:prudent
(D) pious:virtuous
(E) idolatrous:devoted


111). OA -
E - Legally backed/ legal Y is X
LIEN: legal claim; right to take and hold or sell the property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt or duty
SUBPOENA: to command attendance in court by a legal writ, under a penalty in case of disobedience

112). OA - B - X is use of Y in excess
Embellishment: beautification; decorating
Harmoniousness: compatibility in opinion and action..can be between just two people too

Excess of relations can lead both ways....probability of disharmony is also equal.. :) so excess of relations is not always harmony...excess of adjustment in relations well can be said will lead to peace/ harmony....but excess of words is always verbosity

113). OA - E - X is of, relating to Y
Sidereal: of, relating to, or concerned with the stars or constellations
Arboreal: of or relating to or formed by trees
Terrestrial: earthly; relating to the earth or its inhabitants

You have to form the direct bridge between arboreal and trees .and not between animals and trees/ arboreal...

114). OA - A - negative Y is X

SUPPLANT: take the place of (another) against the other's will
SNATCH: take (another's property) without permission; grab away

115) .OA - E - blindly or excessively Y person is X
Stylish: Conforming to the current fashion; modish; fashionable

Stylish person is always marked by good taste..Flamboyant is the other way round, flamboyant is very bright and showy; marked by ostentation but often tasteless; or elaborately or excessively none of the meaning suggests too much of style is flamboyant