Tuesday, October 06, 2009

OCTOBER - High frequency words

1. Gavel - A small mallet used by a presiding officer or an auctioneer to signal for attention or order or to mark the conclusion of a transaction; tribute or rent in ancient and medieval England; small mallet used by a presiding officer or a judge
Glut - To fill beyond capacity, especially with food; satiate
3. Paucity - Smallness of number; fewness; lack, scarcity; condition or fact of being deficient
Phlegmatic - Without emotion or interest; having or suggesting a calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional
5. Vigilance - Alert watchfulness; carefulness
Nadir - The lowest point
7. Summit - The highest point or part; the top; highest level or degree that can be attained; highest level, as of government officials; conference or meeting of high-level leaders, usually called to shape a program of action; top, crowning point
Indigent - Experiencing want or need; impoverished; needy or destitute person; poor; lacking or deficient
9. Augment - To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity; make greater; improve; enlarge or make bigger
10. Proselyte - A new convert to a doctrine or religion
11. Superfluous - Being beyond what is required or sufficient; extra, unnecessary; serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being; more than is needed, desired, or required
12. Spurn - To reject disdainfully or contemptuously; scorn; turn away; ignore
13. Hubris - Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance
14. Feigned - Not real; pretended; not genuine; made-up; fictitious
15. Ravenous - Extremely hungry; voracious; rapacious; predatory; greedy for gratification; very hungry; desirous; greedy
16. Rapport - Relationship, especially one of mutual trust or emotional affinity; understanding between people; an easy friendly relationship
17. Anvil - An iron block or stand used by blacksmiths to hold metal objects; heavy block of iron or steel with a smooth, flat top on which metals are shaped by hammering
18. Pallid - Having an abnormally pale or wan complexion; lacking intensity of color or luminousness
19. Gong - A rimmed metal disk that produces a loud, sonorous tone when struck with a padded mallet; usually saucer-shaped bell that is struck with a mechanically operated hammer
20. Ostracize - To exclude from a group; to exclude from normal social or professional activities; to force to leave a country or place by official decree; exile, banish; to put into public disfavor
21. Deluge - An abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain; barrage; great flood; heavy downpour; overrun with water; inundate
22. Doggerel - Crudely or irregularly fashioned verse, often of a humorous or burlesque nature; crude and comic verse
23. Sonnet - A 14-line verse form usually having one of several conventional rhyme schemes
24. Lax - Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness; not taut, firm, or compact; slack; not strict
25. Exacerbate - To increase the severity, violence, or bitterness of; aggravate; infuriate; make more sharp, severe, or virulent
26. Hellion - A mischievous, troublesome, or unruly person
27. Ramshackle - So poorly constructed or kept up that disintegration is likely; rickety
28. Pique - A state of vexation caused by a perceived slight or indignity; a feeling of wounded pride
29. Sanctimonious - Feigning piety or righteousness; of or practicing hypocrisy; self-righteous, hypocritical about one's own holiness
30. Treacle - Cloying speech or sentiment; a medicinal compound formerly used as an antidote for poison
31. Lop - To decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising; to hang limply, loosely, and carelessly; cut off from a whole
32. Pastiche - A mixture of materials, forms, motifs, and/or styles; often incongruous; dramatic, literary, or musical piece openly imitating the previous works of other artists, often with satirical intent; an artistic effort that imitates or caricatures the work of another artist
33. Travail - Work, especially when arduous or involving painful effort; use of physical or mental energy; hard work; concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of labor to the birth of a child; work strenuously; toil; anguish
34. Senility - The mental and physical deterioration associated with aging; the old age, generally used to describe the cognitive and physiologic signs of advancing age
35. Zealot - Excessive enthusiasm or u can say excessive zeal; or fanatic
36. Defray - To undertake the payment of (costs or expenses); pay; bear the expenses of
37. Maverick - An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it; one that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter; being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence; radical
38. Salve - An analgesic or medicinal ointment; ointment that soothes or cools wounds; something that soothes or heals; a balm; flattery or commendation; ease the distress or agitation of; assuage
39. Solace - Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation; comfort, cheer, or console, as in trouble or sorrow; allay or assuage; comfort, peace
40. Pulchritude - Great physical beauty and appeal; physical beauty (especially of a woman)
41. Hoarse - Rough or grating in sound; rough quality of the voice
42. Rambunctiousness - Boisterous and disorderly; loud, energetic; noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
43. Fastidious - Possessing or displaying careful, meticulous attention to detail; difficult to please; exacting; excessively scrupulous or sensitive, especially in matters of taste or propriety; very particular and sensitive
44. Meticulous - Extremely careful and precise; excessively concerned with details; detailed, perfectionist
45. Assuage - To make less severe or more bearable; soothe, relieve; reduce fear, excitement, pain, or disease
46. Ameliorate - To make or become better; improve; relieve or reduce pain
47. Rhabdomancy - Divination by means of a wand or rod, especially for discovering underground water or ores
48. Rudimentary - Of or treating the most basic aspects; basic, fundamental; imperfectly or incompletely developed; embryonic; being in the earliest stages of development; incipient
49. Embryonic - Of, relating to, or being an embryo; rudimentary; incipient; fetal
50. Infrangible - Difficult or impossible to break or separate into parts; not capable of being violated or infringed
51. Balderdash - Nonsense; something that does not have or make sense
52. Satrap - A subordinate bureaucrat or official; a ruler; governor of a province in ancient Persia
53. Corsair - A swift pirate ship, often operating with official sanction; politician of the seas
54. Scurrilous - Given to the use of vulgar, coarse, or abusive language; foul-mouthed; offensive to accepted standards of decency
55. Bonhomie - A pleasant and affable disposition; geniality; a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)
56. Quotidian - Everyday; commonplace; suitable for ordinary days or routine occasions; ordinary
57. Unheralded - Without warning or announcement
58. Stolid - Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; impassive; apathetic, stupid; without emotion or interest
59. Salve - An analgesic or medicinal ointment; ointment that soothes or cools wounds; something that soothes or heals; a balm; flattery or commendation; ease the distress or agitation of; assuage
60. Deft - Quick and skillful
61. Illegible - (of handwriting, print, etc.) not legible; "illegible handwriting"; not capable of being read or deciphered
62. Loathesome - So objectionable as to elicit despisal or deserve condemnation; hateful; abhorrent
63. Churlish - Lacking in delicacy or refinement; crude, boorish; having a bad disposition; surly; difficult to work with, such as soil; intractable
64. Fruition - Realization of something desired or worked for; accomplishment; state of being complete; condition of bearing fruit; achievement
65. Tchotchke - Inexpensive showy collectibles; cheap showy trinket
66. Kelp - A large brown seaweed; ash of these seaweeds, used as a source of potash and iodine
67. Callous - Emotionally hardened; unfeeling; having calluses; toughened; completely lacking in compassion; cruel, insensitive; without regard for the feelings or sufferings of others
68. Flagging - Declining; weakening; languid; drooping; pavement laid with flagstones; becoming weak
69. Guffaw - A hearty, boisterous burst of laughter
70. Amusement - The state of being amused, entertained, or pleased; game, pastime
71. Quay - A wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded or unloaded; stone or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships
72. Heyday - The period of greatest popularity, success, or power; prime; period of greatest prosperity or productivity
73. Iconoclast - One who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions; one who destroys sacred religious images; which attacks settled beliefs or institutions; critical
74. Potentate - One who has the power and position to rule over others; a monarch; who dominates or leads a group or an endeavor; a ruler who is unconstrained by law
75. Esurient - Hungry; greedy; devouring or craving food in great quantities; (often followed by `for') ardently or excessively desirous
76. Cognoscente - A person with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly refined taste; a connoisseur; an expert able to appreciate a field; especially in the fine arts
77. Whet - To sharpen (a knife, for example); hone; make more keen; stimulate; sharpen; arouse; excite
78. Intractable - Difficult to manage or govern; stubborn; not submitting to discipline or control; difficult to alleviate, remedy, or cure; difficult to mold or manipulate
79. Approbation - An expression of warm approval; praise; official approval
80. Vim - Ebullient vitality and energy; lively, emphatic, eager quality or manner; quality of active mental and physical forcefulness
81. Portentous - Portending future disaster; of momentous or ominous significance; full of unspecifiable significance; exciting wonder and awe; marked by pompousness; pretentiously weighty
82. Miscegenation - Marriage of people of different races; cohabitation
83. Perspicacious - Having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear-sighted; observant, perceptive
84. Stomp - To tread or trample heavily or violently on; dance involving a rhythmical, heavy step; walk heavily
85. Perfidy - Deliberate breach of faith; calculated violation of trust; treachery; state of being disloyal or faithless
86. Belie - To give a false representation to; misrepresent; show to be false; contradict; give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly; deceive; be in contradiction with
87. Penurious - Unwilling to spend money; stingy; yielding little; barren; poverty-stricken; destitute; mean; poor; ungenerously or pettily reluctant to spend money
88. Foment - To promote the growth of; incite; stir to action or feeling; instigate, provoke
89. Buttress - A means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure; present evidence in support of; support, bolster; support built to strengthen a wall
90. Rococo - A style of art, especially architecture and decorative art, that originated in France in the early 18th century and is marked by elaborate ornamentation, as with a profusion of scrolls, foliage, and animal forms; very ornate style of speech or writing; ornate; immoderately elaborate or complicated
91. Gruff - Brusque or stern in manner or appearance; hoarse; harsh; bad-tempered, rude; rasping in sound; low and grating in sound
92. Reticent - Inclined to keep one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself; restrained or reserved in style; reluctant; unwilling; secretive, quiet; reserved; quiet; not saying much, especially about one's thoughts
93. Exude - To ooze forth; to discharge or emit (a liquid or gas, for example) gradually; to exhibit in abundance; to flow or leak out or emit something slowly; display, emit
94. Bach - A bachelor
95. Pyroclastic - Composed chiefly of rock fragments of volcanic origin
96. Ignominy - Great personal dishonor or humiliation; shameful or disgraceful action, conduct, or character; loss of or damage to one's reputation; shame
97. Tether - To fasten something with a line or rope; extent or limit of one's resources, abilities, or endurance; rope, chain, or similar restraint for holding one, especially an animal, in place, allowing a short radius in which one can move about
98. Bellicose - Warlike or hostile in manner or temperament; likely to quarrel or fight; having or showing an eagerness to fight
99. Gadfly - A persistent irritating critic; a nuisance; one that acts as a provocative stimulus; a goad; any of various flies, especially of the family Tabanidae, that bite or annoy livestock and other animals
100. Pontificate - To express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way; administer the office of a pontiff; speak or behave with exaggerated authority; the government of the Roman Catholic Church
101. Balky - Given to stopping and refusing to go on; uncooperative; difficult to operate or start
102. Vagary - An extravagant or erratic notion or action; unpredictable act or idea; impulsive, often illogical turn of mind
103. Flux - State of constant change; state of constant movement, change, or renewal; continued flow; a flood; melt
104. Drudgery - Tedious, menial, or unpleasant work; boring work
105. Acrimony - Bitter, sharp animosity, especially as exhibited in speech or behavior; nasty behavior, speech; sharp and bitter manner; quality or state of feeling bitter
106. Rococo - A style of art, especially architecture and decorative art, that originated in France in the early 18th century and is marked by elaborate ornamentation, as with a profusion of scrolls, foliage, and animal forms; very ornate style of speech or writing; ornate; immoderately elaborate or complicated
107. Bedizen - To ornament or dress in a showy or gaudy manner; adorn, especially in a cheap showy manner; decorate tastelessly
108. Wrinkle - A small crease or fold; small furrow, ridge, or crease on a normally smooth surface, caused by crumpling, folding, or shrinking
109. Invective - Denunciatory or abusive language; vituperation; denunciatory or abusive expression or discourse; harsh, often insulting language; of, relating to, or characterized by verbal abuse; verbal abuse; utterance intended to insult or abuse
110. Perspicuous - Clearly expressed or presented; easy to understand; expressing oneself clearly and effectively; clear, obvious; (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable; Bravura - Brilliant technique or style in performance; piece or passage that emphasizes a performer's virtuosity; showy manner or display; of, relating to, or being a brilliant performance technique or style; ostentatious
111. Gratuitous - Costing nothing; not required, necessary, or warranted by the circumstances of the case; not necessary; free
112. Cascade - A waterfall or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks; succession of stages, processes, operations, or units; series of components or networks, the output of each of which serves as the input for the next; small shower of something such as water, sparks, or jewels
113. Stolid - Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; impassive; apathetic, stupid; without emotion or interest
114. Roil - To make (a liquid) muddy or cloudy by stirring up sediment; displease or disturb; vex; be in a state of turbulence or agitation; make turbid by stirring up the sediments of
115. Encipher - To put (a message, for example) into cipher; convert plain text into unintelligible form by means of a cipher system
116. Weltschmerz - Sadness over the evils of the world, especially as an expression of romantic pessimism; sadness on thinking about the evils of the world
117. Bewail - To cry over; lament; express sorrow or unhappiness over; regret strongly
118. Sultry - Very humid and hot; burning hot; extremely and unpleasantly hot; sexually exciting or gratifying
119. Fiasco - A complete or humiliating failure; catastrophe
120. Remit - To forgive or excuse; delay or cancel; send, transfer; stop or postpone; transmit (money) in payment; restore to a former condition or position
121. Drop Cloth - A sheet, as of cloth or plastic, for protection against spills or dripping, used especially by painters; a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies; often used as background scenery
122. Beleaguered - To harass; beset; surround with troops; besiege; trouble persistently from or as if from all sides; disturb by repeated attacks; surround with hostile troops
123. Gossamer - So light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film; gauzy, thin; soft light delicate material
124. Desecrate - To violate the sacredness of; profane; spoil or mar the sanctity of; abuse, violate
125. Mellifluous - Flowing with sweetness or honey; pleasing to the ear; sweet-sounding
126. Zephyr - A gentle breeze; gentle wind; a slight wind (usually refreshing); any of various soft light fabrics, yarns, or garments; something that is airy, insubstantial, or passing
127. Supine - Lying horizontally on the back; flat on one's back; weak; marked by or showing lethargy, passivity, or blameworthy indifference
128. Evince - To show or demonstrate clearly; manifest; reveal; show clearly or to indicate
129. Heresy - A controversial or unorthodox opinion or doctrine, as in politics, philosophy, or science; adherence to such controversial or unorthodox opinion; unorthodoxy
130. Quaff - To drink (a beverage) heartily; to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught
131. Sphinx - A puzzling or mysterious person; a figure in Egyptian myth having the body of a lion and the head of a man, ram, or hawk; winged creature having the head of a woman and the body of a lion, noted for killing those who could not answer its riddle; mysterious, inscrutable person
132. Rotundity - Rounded in figure; plump; having a full, rich sound; sonorous; having or producing a full, deep, or rich sound; well-rounded and full in form
133. Happenstance - An unexpected random event
134. Flippest - Marked by casual disrespect; impertinent
135. Penury - Extreme want or poverty; destitution; barrenness or insufficiency; a state of extreme poverty or destitution
136. Beleaguer - To harass; beset; surround with troops; besiege; trouble persistently from or as if from all sides; disturb by repeated attacks; surround with hostile troops
137. Frugal - Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use of material resources; costing little; inexpensive; economical; very careful with money
138. Robust - Strong and healthy; characterized by marked muscular development; powerfully built; full of vigor; rough or crude; boisterous; marked by richness and fullness; full-bodied
139. Actuarial - Relating to analyses involving compound interest and/or statistics; usually associated with computations involved in insurance probability estimates
140. Massacre - The unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of human beings; kill; slaughter of a large number of animals; severe defeat, as in a sports event
141. Potent - Possessing inner or physical strength; powerful; effective, forceful
142. Pioneer - A person who goes before, opening up the way for others to follow, as an early settler or a scientist doing original work; one among the first to explore a country; early, first; who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development; soldier who performs construction and demolition work in the field to facilitate troop movements; animal or plant species that establishes itself in a previously barren environment
143. Ruddy - Having a healthy, reddish color; rosy; pinkish, blushing
144. Rowdy - Disorderly; rough; rough, violent person who engages in destructive actions; boisterous; behave in an unruly, noisy and rough way
145. Munificent - Very liberal in giving; generous; extraordinarily generous
146. Ricochet - To rebound at least once from a surface; strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected; bounce off a surface at an angle
147. Abase - To lower in rank, prestige, or esteem; deprive of self-esteem or confidence; degrade
148. Verisimilitude - The quality of appearing to be true or real; authenticity; something that has the appearance of being true or real
149. Wanton - One who is immoral, lewd, or licentious; careless; cruel, malicious; one that is undisciplined or spoiled; playful
150. Flaccid - Lacking firmness, resilience, or muscle tone; drooping; not firm or stiff
151. Incipient - Beginning to exist or appear; only partly in existence; developing
152. Intransigence - The quality or state of being stubbornly inflexible; the trait of being intransigent; stubbornly refusing to compromise