Monday, May 21, 2007

Analogies 66 - 70


(A) greet:ignore
(B) exchange:return
(C) shake:stabilize
(D) stretch:shrink
(E) eradicate:implicate


(A) whale:minnow
(B) speech:shout
(C) plant:flower
(D) wind:temperature
(E) tornado:hurricane


(A) tyrannize:revolt
(B) shade:tree
(C) solve:problem
(D) accumulate:collection
(E) cover:eclipse


(A) irresistible:defy
(B) surmountable:overcome
(C) tolerant:bother
(D) secluded:build
(E) redundant:abridge


(A) marvel:sight
(B) season:storm
(C) enrapture:pleasure
(D) consecrate:place
(E) channel:flood


66) OA - D. X and Y are antonyms ( where Y is not a positive word)
Duplicate - Identically copied from an original
Alter - To change or make different
Shrink - To reduce in size, as by drawing together
Stretch - To become lengthened, widened, or distended

67). OA - E - X,Y are synonyms or X is a type of Y - Both the stem words are destructing.
Fire - The discharge of firearms or artillery
Storm - A heavy shower of objects, such as bullets or missiles
Tornado - A whirlwind or hurricane

68) A moratorium is an official halt or cessation of an activity. One possible purpose, or use, of a moratorium is to preserve (for instance, to preserve an endangered animal species). Similarly, one possible use of a tree is to shade. The second answer choice is the best response.

69) Choice (A) is the opposite of the correct bridge - something that is irresistible cannot be defied. Neither tolerant and bother, in Choice (B), nor secluded and build , in Choice (D) have an ostensible link. Finally, in Choice (E) something that is redundant may or may not be capable of being abridged.

70) OA - C - X is extreme Y

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Analogies 61 - 65


(A) assistance:endowment
(B) funds:fellowship
(C) credit:payment
(D) debt:obligation
(E) loan:note


(A) lava:volcano
(B) hurrican:cyclone
(C) desert:drought
(D) seed:germination
(E) temperature:season


(A) relay:independence
(B) hurdle:perseverance
(C) sprint:celerity
(D) jog:weariness
(E) ramble:directness


(A) satirize:charm
(B) condense:summarize
(C) placate:assuage
(D) adapt:duplicate
(E) taunt:challenge


(A) lapse:miscalculation
(B) justice:impartiality
(C) cunning:truth
(D) gaffe:judgement
(E) forcefulness:coercion


61). OA - D - X is a kind of Y in form of money

62). OA - B - X is extreme form of Y
Hurricane - A severe tropical cyclone
Snow - Very dense precipitation; a frozen precipitation

63). OA - C - X is characterized by that which requires Y to win
Sprint - To move rapidly or at top speed for a brief period, as in running or swimming
Celerity - Rapidness of movement or activity

64). OA - E - X is to Y in a ridicule manner

65). OA - D - X is wrong Y
Illusion is wrong perception.
Gaffe is wrong judgement.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May - Words and Questions

MAY THREAD - updated everyday

1. Mitigate - diminish
2. Barefaced - shameless
3. Renounce - abandon
4. Naive - childlike
5. Heed - care
6. Indelible - indestructible
7. Destitute - wanting
8. Adolescent - immature

9. Refute - discredit
10. Banal - commonplace
11. Surly - gruff; bad-tempered and unfriendly
12. Ennui - feeling of listlessness, boredom, and dissatifaction
13. Meteoric - sudden
14. Awe - feeling of great respect mixed with fear; amazement
15. Commensurate - equivalent
16. Inhibit - restrict
17. Ad-lib - an unprepared remark or speech; improvised
18. Impromptu - unrehearsed
19. Palpable - obvious
20. Augmentation - improving
21. Dissension - conflict
22. Lax - slack; relaxed
23. Coy - modest
24. Indigenous - native
25. Garrulous - talkative
26. Reserved - silent; aloof
27. Onerous - difficult
28. Palpitate - beat
29. Cumbersome - awkward
30. Solitary - alone
31. Cogent - effective
32. Vivacious - lively
33. Remiss - careless
34. Daunt - frighten
35. Boastful - bombastic
36. Ream - 500 sheets of paper
37. Ladle - a long-handled spoon with a deep bowl for serving soup, stew etc
38. Nocturnal - done or active at night
39. Ostracize - exclude someone from a society or group
40. Augmentation - increase the value or amount of
41. Knack - skill at performing a task
42. Perplexity - a puzzling situation or thing
43. Callous
- insensitive and cruel
44. Disinclined - reluctant; unwilling

45. Speculative - risky; based on guesswork rather than knowledge
46. Amnesia - loss of memory
47. Solemn
- formal and dignified; deeply sincere
48. Hoard
- a store of mony, valued objects or useful information
49. Dire - extremely serious urgent
50. Dart - a sudden rapid movement; a small light pointed missile
51. Splurge - large or excessive amount
52. Boor - rough and bad mannered person
53. Remiss - not paying proper attention to duty
54. Ensnare
- keep someone in a situation from which they canot escape
55. Eclectic - taking ideas from a wide range of sources
56.Torpor - state of being inactive and having no energy
57. Obituary
- published notice of death, sometimes with brief biography of deceased.
58. Beckon - seem appealing
59. Recalcitrant - disobedient
60. Revisionist
- disapprove the changing of accepted theories
61. Didactic - intended to teach or give moral instruction
62. Reclusive
- hermit or a loner; withdrawn from society; seeking solitude, providing privacy or seclusion
63. Heretic
- a person guilty of going against traditional religious teachings
64. Lassitude
- lack of energy
65. Rectitude - orally correct behaviour

66. Bigotry - a prejudiced and intolerant person
67. Furrow - a long narrow trench; a deep wrinkle on person's face
68. Lambaste - critiize someone harshly
69. Vociferous - vehement or loud
70. Peevish - irritable

71. Manumission - the formal act of freeing from slavery
72. Cameo - to make into or like a gem or shell carved in relief; to portray in sharp, delicate relief, as in a literary composition
73. Ensue - to follow as a consequence or result
74. Ephemeral - lasting for a markedly brief time
75. Hedonism - pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses

76. Knoll - a small rounded hill or mound; a hillock
77. Pusillanimous - lacking courage; cowardly
78. Green - means learning, growth and harmony
79. Belligerent - inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive; of, pertaining to, or engaged in warfare.
80. Frugality - careful use of material resources
81. Noxious - injurious to physical or mental health; deadly, injurious
82. Eyesore - something, such as a distressed building, that is unpleasant or offensive to view; mess, ugliness
83. Plausible - seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible
84. Transitory - existing or lasting only a short time; short-lived or temporary
85. Maverick - one that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter; radical
86. Sybarite - a person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses
87. Agog - full of keen anticipation or excitement; eager
88. Evanescent - lasting or existing only for a short time;
89. Assuage - soothe, relieve
90. Circuitous - going around, indirect, long
91. Spurn - to reject disdainfully or contemptuously; scorn
92. Hindsight - perception of the significance and nature of events after they have occurred; the rear sight of a firearm
93. Chortle - a snorting, joyful laugh or chuckle
94. Glee - jubilant delight; joy
95. Gauche - lacking social polish; tactless
96. Lax - lacking in strength or firmness or resilience
97. Incipient - beginning to exist or appear
98. Incorrigible - incapable of being corrected or reformed
99. Offhand - without preparation or forethought; extemporaneously
100. Disputation - the act of disputing; debate. An academic exercise consisting of a formal debate or an oral defense of a thesis.
101. Metamorphose - to change into a wholly different form or appearance; transform
102. Rapport - relationship or communication
103. Exorcise - drive an evil spirit from a person or place
104. Invigoration - give strength
105. Obviate - to make unnecessary
106. Hapless - deserving or inciting pity; unfortunate
107. Protean - variable
108. Substantiate - to support with proof or evidence; verify
109. Talon - the claw of a bird of prey
110. Consensus - an opinion or position reached by a group as a whole
111. Slothful - disinclined to work or exertion; lazy
112. Perturbable - to disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious; to throw into great confusion
113. Floppy - tending to flop; loose and flexible
114. Folly - a lack of good sense, understanding, or foresight
115. Eamark - to set aside or apart for a specified purpose; an identifying feature or characteristic; reserve
116. Convergence - the act, condition, quality, or fact of converging
117. Incontrovertible - impossible to dispute; unquestionable
118. Blurt - to utter suddenly and impulsively
119. Sangfroid - coolness and composure, especially in trying circumstances
120. Moxie - the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; aggressive energy
121. Tintinnabulation- the ringing or sounding of bells
122. Skein - a length of thread or yarn wound in a loose long coil; a flock of geese or similar birds in flight
123. Grimace - a sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust
124. Manna - hardened sugary exudation of various trees; food that God gave the Israelites during the exodus
125. Knot - an exceedingly complicated problem or deadlock
126. Disillusion - to free or deprive of illusion
127. Disgruntle - to make discontented
128. Indispensable - essential
129. Splurge - to indulge in an extravagant expense or luxury
130. Gorge - the seam on the front of a coat or jacket where the lapel and the collar are joined
131. Stentorian - extremely loud
132. Vapid - lacking liveliness, animation, or interest; dull
133. Halcyon - calm and peaceful; tranquil; prosperous; golden; serene
134. Sojourn - to reside temporarily; temporary residence
135. Bilious - suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress; not in good physical or mental health
136. Vicissitude - a change or variation. The quality of being changeable; mutability
137. Genuflect - to bend the knee or touch one knee to the floor or ground, as in worship; to be servilely respectful or deferential; grovel
138. Jocund - sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character, or quality
139. Enliven - to make lively or spirited; animate
140. Polymorphous - having, or occurring in, several distinct forms
141. Purism - strict observance of or insistence on traditional correctness, especially of language
142. Befitting - appropriate; suitable; proper

143. Japery - acting like a clown or buffoon; a trick or practical joke
144. Overwrought - excessively nervous or excited; agitated; extremely elaborate or ornate; overdone
145. Dolorous - marked by or exhibiting sorrow, grief, or pain
146. Nostrum - medicine whose effectiveness is unproved and whose ingredients are usually secret; a quack remedy.
147. Panacea - a remedy for all diseases, evils, or difficulties; a cure-all
148. Ensue - to follow as a consequence or result
149. Tort - damage, injury, or a wrongful act done willfully, negligently, or in circumstances involving strict liability, but not involving breach.
150. Pettifogger - a petty, quibbling, unscrupulous lawyer. One who quibbles over trivia
151. Tessellated - decorated with small pieces of colored glass or stone fitted together; "a mosaic floor";having a checkered or mottled appearance
152. Slatternly - slovenly; untidy
153. Muckrake - to search for and expose misconduct in public life.
154. Mordant - bitingly sarcastic
155. Moribund - approaching death; about to die. On the verge of becoming obsolete
156. Francophile - a person who admires France, its people, or its culture
157. Wane - to decrease gradually in size, amount, intensity, or degree; decline.
158. Protean - readily taking on varied shapes, forms, or meanings. Exhibiting considerable variety or diversity
159. Saturnine - melancholy or sullen; gloomy
160. Foursquare - characterized by firm and unwavering conviction; a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles; a four-sided regular polygon
161. Pert - trim and stylish in appearance; jaunty; impudently bold; saucy; high-spirited; vivacious
162. Enfeoff - to invest with a feudal estate or fee
163. Slattern - an untidy, dirty woman
164. Ineluctable - impossible to avoid or evade
165. Malfeasance - misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official
166. Financier - one who is occupied with or expert in large-scale financial affairs

167. Exhume - to remove from a grave; disinter. To bring to light, especially after a period of obscurity.
168. Vilify - to make vicious and defamatory statements about
169. Veto - to forbid or prohibit authoritatively; refusal of permission
170. Malcontent - a chronically dissatisfied person; one who rebels against the established system; discontented as toward authority
171. Incontrovertible - impossible to dispute; unquestionable; beyond dispute
172. Disputable - open to dispute; debatable; open to discussion
173. Knaw (Gnaw) - bite or chew on with the teeth; become ground down or deteriorate; to afflict or worry persistently; to cause persistent worry or pain
174. Nugatory - of little or no importance; trifling; having no force; invalid; Contemptibly unimportant
175. Slake - to satisfy (a craving); quench; to lessen the force or activity of; moderate; to cool or refresh by wetting or moistening; to combine (lime) chemically with water or moist air; make less active or intense
176. Hull - the dry outer covering of a fruit, seed, or nut; a husk; the outer casing of a rocket, guided missile, or spaceship; the frame or body of a ship, exclusive of masts, engines, or superstructure
177. Formulaic - characterized by or in accordance with some formula; being of no special quality or type; average
178. Circumspect - heedful of circumstances and potential consequences; prudent; trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error; cautious, discreet; showing watchfulness, caution, or careful consideration
179. Lofty - of imposing height; elevated in character; exalted; arrogant; haughty; affecting grandness; pompous; exceedingly dignified in form, tone, or style; of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style


1) ream:paper
2) perfectioninst:patience
3) debris:blast - ans - soot:ash
4) soup:ladle - ans - mug:pour
5) ad-lib:impromptu
6) bread:oven
7) malcontent:dissatisfaction
8) ostracize:group
9) melodious:sound
10) vaccinate:disease - ans - anesthatize:sensation
11) anesthetic:sensation
12) cameo:sculpture
13) experience:green
14) beckon:hand
15) reinforcement:destroy
16) dampen:sound - ans - dull:lighit
17) move:dart
18) visa:country
19) chortle:glee
20) gauche:tactful
21) hawk:talon
22) script:director
23) resignation:office
24) sangfroid:perturbable
25) buoyancy:float
26) arrogant:defer
27) pliant:flexible
28) cast:actor
29) earmark:funds
30) utter:blurt
31) grin:grimace
32) assign:official
33) pinch:quantity
34) matter:hardness
35) knot:solve
36) disillusion:belief
37) disgruntle:satisfaction
38) superfluous:indispensable

39) arrogant:defer
40) melodious:hear
41) event:memories
42) saturate:moist
43) splurge:spend
44) gorge:coat
45) coagulant:thicken
46) generator:electricity
47) audible:stentorian
48) ineluctable:avoid
49) expose:malfeasence
50) tag:identify
51) inalienable:surrender
52) carefree:responsibilities
53) schedule:time
54) financier:funds
55) veto:prevent
56) incontrovertable:disputable
57) advisory:warn
58) corn:husk
59) insatiable:slake
60) indict:accuse
61) nugatory:worth
62) saturate:moisture
63) freckles:skin


1. Rituals and ceremonies help define a culture. Without them, societies or groups of people have a diminished sense of who they are
2. Public buildings reveal much about the attitudes and values of the society that builds them. Today’s new schools, courthouses, airports, and libraries, for example, reflect the attitudes and values of today’s society.
3. Politicians should be honest and possess moral and ethical values to be an effective leader.
4. In any profession—business, politics, education, government—those in power should step down after five years. The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership.
5. Most people choose a career on the basis of such pragmatic considerations as the needs of the economy, the relative ease of finding a job, and the salary they can expect to make. Hardly anyone is free to choose a career based on his or her natural talents or interest in a particular kind of work
6. Scholars and researchers should not be concerned with whether their work makes a contribution to the larger society. It is more important that they pursue their individual interests, however unusual or idiosyncratic those interests may seem
7. Childern should be socialized to determine the destiny of a country.But,we ourselves do not know how to socialize them.
8. Students should bring a certain skepticism to whatever they study. They should question what they are taught instead of accepting it passively
9. Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system because moral behavior cannot be legislated
10. History teaches us only one thing: knowing about the past cannot help people to make important decisions today
11. Facts are stubborn things. They cannot be altered by our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions
12. Absence of choice is a circumstancewhich is very very rare
13. Character of a society can be studied by studying the character of the leaders
14. Students should bring a certain skepticism to whatever they study. They should question what they are taught instead of accepting it passively
15. The most essential quality of an effective leader is the ability to remain consistently comitted to particular principles and objectives. Any leader who is quickly and easily influenced byshifts in popular opinion will accomplish little
16. What the society thinks to be its greatest political and social achievements rather reflects the discontent


1. The following is a memorandum written by the director of personnel to the president of the Cedar Corporation.

"It would be a mistake to rehire the Good-Taste Company to supply the food in our employee cafeteria next year. It is the second most expensive caterer in the city. In addition, its prices have risen in each of the last three years, and it refuses to provide meals for people on special diets. Just last month three employees complained to me that they no longer eat in the cafeteria because they find the experience 'unbearable.' Our company should instead hire Discount Foods. Discount is a family-owned local company and it offers a varied menu of fish and poultry. I recently tasted a sample lunch at one of the many companies that Discount serves and it was delicious — an indication that hiring Discount will lead to improved employee satisfaction."

2. The following appeared in a memo from a budget planner in Sophia County.

"Census data indicate that the number of retired couples without children who are moving into Sophia County is steadily rising; private schools in our county report substantial increases in enrollment; and a statewide survey of parents shows that over 10 percent now support the idea of home schooling instead of public schooling funded by the county government. Such demographic trends suggest that our county will not have to construct new school buildings and that we can therefore decrease the budget for county-funded public schools."

3. The following appeared in a memo from the owner of Green Thumb Gardening Center, a small business serving a suburban town.

"There is evidence that consumers are becoming more and more interested in growing their own vegetables. A national survey conducted last month indicated that many consumers were dissatisfied with the quality of fresh vegetables available in supermarkets. And locally, the gardening magazine GreatGardens has sold out at the Village News stand three months in a row. Thus, we at Green Thumb Gardening Center can increase our profits by greatly expanding the variety of vegetable seeds we stock for gardeners this coming spring."