Monday, May 21, 2007

Analogies 66 - 70


(A) greet:ignore
(B) exchange:return
(C) shake:stabilize
(D) stretch:shrink
(E) eradicate:implicate


(A) whale:minnow
(B) speech:shout
(C) plant:flower
(D) wind:temperature
(E) tornado:hurricane


(A) tyrannize:revolt
(B) shade:tree
(C) solve:problem
(D) accumulate:collection
(E) cover:eclipse


(A) irresistible:defy
(B) surmountable:overcome
(C) tolerant:bother
(D) secluded:build
(E) redundant:abridge


(A) marvel:sight
(B) season:storm
(C) enrapture:pleasure
(D) consecrate:place
(E) channel:flood


66) OA - D. X and Y are antonyms ( where Y is not a positive word)
Duplicate - Identically copied from an original
Alter - To change or make different
Shrink - To reduce in size, as by drawing together
Stretch - To become lengthened, widened, or distended

67). OA - E - X,Y are synonyms or X is a type of Y - Both the stem words are destructing.
Fire - The discharge of firearms or artillery
Storm - A heavy shower of objects, such as bullets or missiles
Tornado - A whirlwind or hurricane

68) A moratorium is an official halt or cessation of an activity. One possible purpose, or use, of a moratorium is to preserve (for instance, to preserve an endangered animal species). Similarly, one possible use of a tree is to shade. The second answer choice is the best response.

69) Choice (A) is the opposite of the correct bridge - something that is irresistible cannot be defied. Neither tolerant and bother, in Choice (B), nor secluded and build , in Choice (D) have an ostensible link. Finally, in Choice (E) something that is redundant may or may not be capable of being abridged.

70) OA - C - X is extreme Y