Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Word power -3 -- root : biblio

Root word biblio means book

e.g - bibliography, bibliophile

Bibliography - list of books or articles about a particular subject or by a particular author.

There is a usual bibliography at the end of each chapter.

Bibliophile - A person who loves or collect books.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Suffixes - 2 with meanings

Suffix - Meaning - example

1). er, or - one who; person or thing that does something; or - condition, activity

e.g - In Porter PORT is a root word which means to carry and ER is the suffix meaning one who, thus porter means a person who carries things.

Error means condition of being wrong.

2). oid - like or resembling.

e.g - Humanoid means having human characteristics or form.

Note - Nouns ending in -oid form adjectives by adding the suffix -al e.g spheroid, spheroidal.

3). ose - possessing; having the characteristics of; full of.

e.g - Verbose means using or containing too many words.

4). ism - the act, state, or theory of, belief

e.g - Fascism means a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

5). fic - doing, making, producing, or causing (the thing specified in the initial element)

e.g - Horrific means causing horror.

Word power -2 -- root : ag, act

Latin root ag, act means to do, perform actions, drive.

e.g - agenda, agile, enact, agent.

Agenda - listof things to be done, to be discussed or decided upon.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows....

Agile - active, able to move quickly and easily.

as agile as a monkey

Enact - perform (a part, play etc) on, make or pass (a decree)

Drama enacted by children
Recently a new bill was enacted by the Parliament.

Agent - a person who acts for or manages the affairs of, other people in business, politics etc.

a travel agent

Friday, August 18, 2006

Suffixes - 1 with meanings

Suffix - Meaning - example

1). id - with a particular quality

e.g - In acrid ACR means sharp ID means quality in smells and tastes thus refers to a particular quality.

2). able, ible - capable of

e.g - In credible root word CRED means trust, believe and suffix IBLE means capable of , thus credible means that can be believed.

3). acy - state of

e.g - celibacy means (state of) living unmarried.

4). ant - full of

e.g - luxuriant means growing thickly and strongly for instance luxuriant tropical vegetation

5). ate - to make

e.g - legitimate means to make legal

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Few deceptive GRE Words

Words that are often thrown on the GRE to fool the test-takers as they do not resemble their meanings. e.g

Restive -- on edge (for example you would think of “rest/resting” but instead its not, that is deceptive vocabulary)

Protean -- variable

Noisome -- foul smelling

Prolix -- rambling & wordy

Tortuous -- full of plot twists

Obviate -- to make unnecessary

Ponderous -- bogged down, tedious

Equivocate -- to use ambiguous language with deceptive intent

The above is from the link below
7 must know deceptive words for GRE

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Word power -1 -- root : ac, acr, acu

Latin root ac, acr, acu means keen, sharp, unpleasantly bitter

e.g - acrid, acrimony, acuity, acute, acerbic, acumen, acupuncture.

Acrid - having sharp quality in smells and taste; bitter or burning to the senses; bitter in temper or manner

An acrid dispute
Acrid fumes from burning rubber

Acrimony - sharpness of speech or temper; bitterness of manner or words

The dispute was settled without acrimony

Acuity - sharpness of mind, thought, vision or hearing; quick in understanding

The teacher has great mental acuity

Acumen - sharpness of mind; intelligence; ability to take good decisions; shrewdness.

Display great political acumen

Acid - sharp; sour

Vinegar has an acid taste.

Acerbic - sharp and harsh

An acerbic remark

Online link to Root Words Suffix Prefix

Thursday, August 03, 2006

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