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Analogies 11 - 15


(A) slippery: Adhere

(B) coarse: Polish
(C) sharp: Hone
(D) shallow: Overflow
(E) savory: Taste


A) defer: ignorance
B) renounce: mistrust
C) encroach: jealousy
D) demur: objection
E) reject: disappointment


A) perch: eagle
B) bask: lizard
C) waddle: duck
D) circle: hawk
E) croak: frog


A) curious: knowledge
B) lucid: sight
C) torpid: motion
D) ephemeral: touch
E) piqant: taste


A) prophet: rule
B) profiteer: consume
C) profligate: demand
D) prodigal: squander
E) prodigy: wonder

Answer -

11). A is the best choice - something X will not Y

12). D is the right choice -- To "countenance" can mean to approve or make a show of "toleration." To "demur" means to express or to show an "objection." -- "To X is to show Y."
(A) -- incorrect - To "defer" does not clearly mean to express "ignorance." To "defer" could show "ignorance" in certain contexts and but there is not enough information in the analogy to allow this conclusion.

(B) -- incorrect - To "renounce" could indicate "mistrust," "Mistrust" is not an essential element in the definition of renunciation.
(C) -- incorrect - To "encroach" could be said to cause "jealousy," not to show it.
(E) -- incorrect - To "reject" could be a way of showing "disappointment," Rejection is not an essential element in the definition of "disappintment."

13). C is the correct answer - In order to go forward and a "snake" will "slither," -- "In order to go forward animal Y will X." or "To X is a characteristic way for animal Y to move forward." In order to go forward and a "duck" will "waddle." To "waddle" is a characteristic way for a "duck" to go forward.
A) -- incorrect - An "eagle" may "perch," but to "perch" does not imply forward movement.
B) -- incorrect - A "lizard" may "bask", but to "bask" does not imply forward movement.
D) -- incorrect - "Circle" describes the path of forward motion and not the characteristic physical motion by which the "hawk" moves forward. E) -- incorrect - A "frog" "croaks," but to "croak" is not a way of moving forward.

14). E is the right answer - Something "redolent" stimulates the sense of "smell." -- "Something described as X stimulates sense Y." Something described as "piquant" stimulates the sense of "taste."
A) -- incorrect - Something "curious" might stimulate one to acquire "knowledge," but "knowledge" itself cannot be stimulated.
B) -- incorrect - "Lucid" means intelligible, clear and or understandable and Something "lucid" does not necessarily stimulate one's sense of "sight"
C) -- incorrect - "Torpid" means having lost "motion"
D) -- incorrect - Something "ephemeral" lasts for only a short time. No conclusion can be drawn about its ability to stimulate the sense of "touch."

15). D is the best choice -- A "proctor" is by definition one who "supervises" -- "X is one who, by definition, Ys and that is supervise (s)." "prodigal," one who is recklessly extravagant, "squander (s)" or spends wastefully.
A) -- incorrect - A "prophet" does not by definition "rule."

B) -- incorrect - A "profiteer" may "consume," but to "consme" is not a part of the definition of a "profiteer"
C) -- incorrect - A "profligate" (one who is wildly extravagant) is likely to "demand," but demanding is not a defining characteristic of a "profligate"
E) -- incorrect - A "prodigy" may cause wonder and but to "wonder" is not a defining characteristic of a "prodigy."

Analogies 1 - 10

GRE analogies -- Tips


A). fork : metal

B). tree : wood
C). glass : silica
D). candle : wax
E). pottery : clay


A). loom:weave
B). soap:wash
C). bed:sleep
D). bait:fish
E): match:fire


A). store : secrete
B). close : occlude
C). speak : harangue
D). intervene : interfere
E). cover : eclipse


A). lid : pan
B). veil : face
C). tarpaulin : car
D). hair : head
E). satchel : book


A). mature:juvenile
B). trite:morbid
C). withdrawn: reserved
D). evasive: elusive
E). derivative: traditional


A). prison:escape
B). tunnel:dig
C). criminal:corner
D). fright:allay
E). trap:spring


A). turret:chimney
B). dome:roof
C). column:entrance
D). foyer:ballroom
E). foundation:building


A). tart: pungency
B). tacit: solitude
C). despicable: contempt
D). engrossing: obliviousness
E). venerable: renown


A). revolution: democracy
B). duel: formality
C). feud: impartiality
D). bout: sparring
E). crusade: remoteness

10). PLUCK: QUIT::

A). verve:flinch

B). gall:skimp
C). pride:grovel
D). charm:smile
E). poise:waver

Answers -

1). D is the right answer -- X is primarily composed of Y and in process of using X , Y gets used up. -- "A tire/candle is primarily composed of rubber/wax, and in the process of using a tire/candle, the rubber/wax gets used up."

2). A is the best answer -- Y is the function of X - results in some creation.
Needle knits
Loom weaves.

3). A is the correct answer. Bridge -- Y is the secret form of X.
To secrete is to store secretly
To abscond is to depart secretly.

4). B is the right choice -- Curtain is used to cover the stage as veil is used to cover the face.

5). A is the correct answer -- bridge is "x lacks y"

6). E is the right answer -- an alarm is triggered; a trap is sprung.

7). B is the correct choice -- X is a kind of Y.
ALCOVE is a kind of RECESS and DOME is a kind of ROOF

8). C is the best answer -- X invokes feeling of Y in someone
a redoutable(formidable,causing fear) thing fills u with awe;
a despicable statement fills u with contempt.

9). B is the correct answer -- Y is the defining or characterising noun that describes X
Skirmish is a fight of insignificance (as quality)
Duel is a fight of formality (of quality)

10). C is the right choice -- X is an intention/feeling toward something positive which lacks Y.
Pluck - noun - means "courageous intention/feeling to fight against odds", that excludes the possibility to quit.

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