Friday, October 13, 2006

Analogies 36 - 40


(A). current:river
(B). electricity:shock
(C). tremor:earthquake
(D). tempo:music
(E). sentence:punishment


(A). warm:inviting
(B). surprise:astonished
(C). hopeless:bereft
(D). magical:sentimental
(E). soft:euphonius


(A). confident:arrogant
(B). courageous:pugnacious
(C). famous:aggressive
(D). rash:foolhardy
(E). quiet:timid


(A). compile:available

(B). restore:new
(C). contribute:charitable
(D). venerate:reverent
(E). qualify:general


(A). servile:domination
(B). provincial:cosmopolitanism
(C). adventurous:timidity
(D). hypochondriacal:infection
(E). placid:deliberation

Answers --

36). Best ans is E -- X is the prescribed form of Y.

A dose is a prescribed form of medicine similarly a sentence is a prescribed form of a punishment .

37). B is the best ans -- X means(indicates) an amount of Y

38). A is the best answer -- X need not be Y.
FRUGALITY' and MISERLY both denote less spending, but this does not means that every frugal person is miser. Similarly a confident person need not be arrogant.
Note -- Frugal is +ve word whereas miserly is a negative word, hence in answer stem.... X must be a +ve word -- Confident and Y must be a -ve word -- Arrogant..

39). E is the best answer -- X is to make something less Y

Mitigate is to make less severe and qualify is to make less general.
All dresses are beautiful. - General statement
All dresses of pink colour are beautiful.- Qualified statement.

Hence qualify in this sense means to make something, e.g a statement, less general.

40). A is the best answer -- somebody X is likely to be subjected to Y or X is prone to Y.

gullible person is prone to chicanery
CHICANERY means "use of tricks to deceive a person" and GULLIBLE means " easily deceived"

a servile person is prone to domination
SERVILE is pertaining to slaves