Friday, October 06, 2006

Analogies 26 - 30


(A) iridescent: colorful
(B) perceptible: visible
(C) discordant: harmonious
(D) peoppery: salty
(E) deafening: loud


(A) publish: wisdom
(B) exhibit: inspection
(C) scrutinize: foresight
(D) authorize: approval
(E) declare: observation


(A). invert:logic

(B). substitute:replacement
(C). metamorphose:form
(D). intimate:implication
(E). deduce:reasoning


(A). inebriety : excess
(B). success : ambition
(C). indifference : passion
(D). taste : gusto
(E). smell : sense


(A). into: ultramarine
(B). onto : ultraist
(C). beyond : purple
(D). through : inferior
(E). under: infrared

Answers -

26). OA -- E. One meaning of "glaring" is uncomfortably "bright." A rationale for this analogy could be "Something described as X is so strongly Y as to uncomforable for people to perceive."

(A) is not the answer. "Iridescent" means producing a play of colors and does not imply strenght of color.
(B) is not the answer. To be "visible" is to be "perceptible" in a particular way. No difference in strength is implied.
(C) is not the answer. 'Discordant " and "harmonious" are opposites and so cannot be related to one another in the way described in the rationale. (D) is not the answer. 'Peppery " does not mean strongly "salty"
(E) is answer. Something properly described as "deafening " is so "loud" that it is uncomfortable for people to perceive it.

27). B is the correct answer.Bridge for this analogy is -- To X is to offer (to others) for Y.
To tender -- to offer for acceptance.
e.g - We tender money when we want to purchase something

Though the correct answer is B , I support C, B makes no sense to me.
transmigrate -- to change one state to another
metamorphose -- to change one form to another
substitute -- to change one replacement to a different one or a person or thing that replaces

Therefore do not see any reason for C being wrong and B being correct. Thus answer must be C

E is the right answer .
GRE TIP -- synonyms (or particularly GRE analogy synonyms) must be interchangeable in sentences..

30). The correct answer choice is E. Light of a frequency over what the human eye can see is ultraviolet. Light of a frequency under what the human eye can see is infrared.