Thursday, October 26, 2006

Analogies 46 - 50


(A). painting:canvas
(B). fresco:paintbrush
(C). blend:beans
(D). narrative:prologue
(E). puzzle:pieces


(A). jump:excitement
(B). scowl:pleasure
(C). snort:laughter
(D). nod:agreement
(E). sob:sorrow


(A). sprawling:compactness
(B). airy:ventilation
(C). verdant:color
(D). ebullient:mockery
(E). wisdom:cleverness

49). BOLT:EAT::

(A). guzzle:swill

(B). career:run
(C). lambaste:talk
(D). waver:stand
(E). fabricate:lie


(A). preamble:statute
(B). drawing:sketch
(C). movement:symphony
(D). index:book
(E). blueprint:building

Answers --

46). Best ans is E -- X is made up of Y
Mosaic picture made of small colorful inlaid tiles;
The pieces of the puzzle fit together i.e the puzzle is made up of pieces.

47). Best ans is D --Shrug is a gesture indicating indifference.
Jump is not a gesture, nor does it always indicate excitement.
Scowl is an expression indicating bad temper, not pleasure.
Snort is a noise indicating rage, not laughter.
Nod is a gesture indicating agreement; this is analogous to the relationship of the original pair.
Sob is not a gesture, but an act of crying, though it does express sorrow and pain.

48). Best ans is A -- X lacks Y or X and Y are antonyms.

49). Best ans is B -- X is to Y with great speed or X is to Y hurriedly.
bolt -- to eat hurridly
career -- to rush (or run) hurridly.

50). Best ans is A -- X is an introduction to Y
prologue is an introductory part of a literary work...novel etc
preamble is an introductory part of a constitution or statute.