Friday, January 11, 2008

Analogy bridges 1 - 25

1. fir:tree -- X is a type of Y
2. truculent:light -- X,Y antonyms
3. insipid:bore -- something that is X has a tendency to Y
4. dank:moisture -- X, Y are synonyms and X ( dank) is a negative word
6. wary:gulled -- X(adjective) person cannot be Y(verb)
7. ruler:length -- X(noun) measures Y(noun)
8. peep:sound -- X(noun) is short, soft, high-pitched, slight Y(noun) or X is a type of Y
9. degree:centigrade -- X(noun) is a unit division of a Y temperature scale
10. hardness:mass -- X, Y are properties....both have units
11. pinch:quantity -- Very small Y is X (noun)
12. heart:organ -- X is circulatory Y or X is a type of Y - both X, Y are nouns
13. irrelevant:pertain --
X, Y are like antonyms where X is an adjective and Y is a verb
14. choreograph:movement --
To plan out Y is X where X is a verb
15. melodious:hear --
X is agreeable/ pleasing to Y where X is an adjective
16. deplore:vile -- Y acts/ moves/ actions deserves to be Xed where Y is an adjective
17. proofread:document -- Y is X for purposes of error detection and correction
18. isthmus:island -- Both X, Yare surrounded by water ...isthmus on sides as it connects two large pieces of mass and island fully surrounded by water
19. impervious:penetrate -- X cannot be Y where X is an adjective and Y is a verb
20. glacial:slow -- X, Y are synonyms...both X, Y are adjective
21. furniture:sofa -- Y is a type of X or Y is a subset of X
22. stench:nose -- X is detected by Y - here Y is a noun
23. engrossed:occupied -- X is being Y excessively- both X, Y are adjective
24. bibliography:publication -- X a list of reference for writing Y. Also Bibliography (noun only)- The description and identification of the editions(i.e form in which a publication is issued), dates of issue, authorship, and typography of books or other written material
senility:consciousness -- X is loss of Y - both X, Y are noun