Monday, July 24, 2006

Antonyms 1, 2, 3, 4


(A) Tranquil.
(B) Skeptical.
(C) Morose.
(D) Taciturn.
(E) Witty.


(A) Intensify.
(B) Excuse.
(C) Express joy.
(D) Feel sure.
(E) Rush forward.


(A) Casual.
(B) Public.
(C) Satisfactory.
(D) Trustworthy.
(E) Sophisticated


(A) Submerge.
(B) Supersede.
(C) Overhaul.
(D) Undergird.
(E) Intersperse.

Answers -

1). Correct option is D . Loquacious means talkative.

Tranquil - means calm and peaceful, referring to the lack of noise. Noisy is not the same as talkative.

Skeptical - means doubtful. Believing something to be true or not doubting is not the same as talkative.

Morose - means peevish, moody and ill humored. To be cheerful is not the same as talkative.

Taciturn - means disinclined to speak. or inclined to silence. This is the exact opposite of loquacious.

Intersperse - means witty or clever

2). Correct ans is C . To repine is to feel or express discontent or dejection, or to long for something.

Intensify - decrease in intensity is not the same as repine.

Not to excuse, forgive and to take exception to is not the repine

Expressing joy encompasses the entire connotation of the word repine as an antonym.

Feeling sure itself is the opposite of feeling unsure, is not the same as complaining or being in a dreadful, regretful state.

The opposite of to rush forward is to move slowly forward or rush backward. These are not the same as repine.

3). The correct ans is A . Inveterate means firmly established by persistence, or confirmed in a habit.

Public - private is not inveterate.

Satisfactory - unsatisfactory is not inveterate or habitual.

Casual indicates an attitude that is neither deep seated nor a compulsive characteristic, for example: a casual playing of cards. It is not an obsession or a regular habit that is suggested by its opposite 'inveterate'.

Trustworthy - untrustworthy is not habitual, unchanging, etc.

Sophisticated - unsophisticated is not habitual.

4). Correct answer is D. Undermine means weaken, decrease the strength, to injure or destroy by secret means suddenly.

Submerge is to immerse completely in underwater. Removing out of water is not undermining.

Supersede means take the place of, replace, take precedence over, thereby nullifying the other. Not replacing is not the same as undermining.

Overhaul means to repair or restore to serviceable condition. Overhauling means bring back to a workable stage. It also means to overtake. Not overtaking is not the same as undermining.

Undergird means providing foundational support, securing strong base, strengthening, supporting, is the opposite of 'undermine'.

To intersperse means to scatter here and there, is not the equivalent of undermine.